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The number one tool to collect Bitcoin from the web. Free Bitcoin and mining information.The smart tool to collect your bitcoins

Collect free BTC, every 30 minutes! holds most known bitcoin faucets and give-away sites - The surfbar will lead you through them.
After entering a bitcoin address you may start surfing the faucets.
We are feverishly working on hooking the casino into the site. Hopefully we can start the new year with it!
Join the forum at the CoinInc blog and help creating the coin-inc for you surfers.
Happy surfing!

And what is the current Bitcoin exchange rate?

Bitcoin exchange rate, Current Bitcoin prices and market-data from Mt.Gox and Bitcoin.deWhat's its worth?

High Low Avg.

Currency Market Volume
€159367.27 $3665637.61

Bitcoin Market Volume
681.61155336 14195.6508772

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All things Bitcoin. New Faucets, developments on the legal front, mining information and equipment tests all here at
Always check the blog for the latest news around Bitcoin, mining and free Bitcoin.

Please refrain from speculating on the currency as you would support volatile rate developments. A community that uses a currency can never profit from intentional scarcity, over-supply or any other hype used to influence course developments.
Greater user numbers would have the same effect. That is where comes in - to get you started with coin and to make the collection of your first coins as easy as possible.

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Advertising in the visitor and mail exchange

Collect free Bitcoin across the internet with CoinIncHow it works

To advertise here, contact us
Its all pretty straight forward:
  • On the top right, enter your Bitcoin address and click "Get coin"
  • Then you are presented with a page that has a carousel of the faucets on top, and below a screen to display the faucet.
  • The first is always preloaded. After that simply press another faucets name and it will load.
  • Some faucets require interaction in a new tab which you can close afterwards.
  • Depending on the faucet you may collect as often as every 20 seconds. The waiting periods are displayed beneath the faucets name.
  • We constantly search the web and add new faucets as they pop into existance.
  • If you encounter a faucet that has discontinued its service or you know of a new one please tell us on the blog or via email.
  • If you encounter something that seems as an error to you please try to refresh the page as we cannot guarantee for the speed of third party connections. If the problem persists please notify us via a comment in the blog or by email.
  • If this was all spanish to you, see the wallet-guide or blog for more information.
  • Most of the faucets pay when a payout limit is reached, some do it on a certain weekday.

Thank you for your visit and have a good time collecting free bitcoin. We always stride to offer you all possibilities to earn bitcoin here - so you get the maximum out of your time.

Please leave us feedback in the blog. We're always happy to hear from you.

Bitcoin, mining, free collection tool, exchange rates, bitcoin wallet guide and Market Data

Please find the new graphs here: market-data.

We have successfully shifted servers as the old configuration was not able to cope with the traffic amount. If you like our service or if you like to help developing new tools please bear with us or donate to enable more development time in - BTC 19TnLKgGsAQbwjfGkqNJ1dpnsTGRMi3JTg

Earn BTC with paid to surf and paid to click offers or roulette in our casino

paid to surf and paid to clickWays to get Bitcoin with

By entering your Bitcoin address into you have many ways to earn Bitcoin. We have the highest amount of paying faucets combined for you under one roof. The maximum of free Bitcoin you can claim - only possible here at
Soon you will also be able to gamble for bitcoin in our very own casino. For starters we have developed a roulette game for you and we aim to have card games follow.
At present we are developing and testing the environment that will handle transactions and in-game cash. Only when your and our wallets are suffcently secured we will bring this feature forward.

How to go from digital currency to gold and silver

paid to surf and paid to clickStill looking for material gain?

We have added a new section to where we inform about businesses that trade in precious metals for bitcoin or vice versa. We hope you find this helpful and you are welcome to leave us feedback in the coin-inc blog.
For the cross-referencers among you we have updated the market-data page and added an exchange rate page. To see other or more specific information please comment in our blog.
The list will be frequently updated as more information comes in. We do believe you know how to bookmark a webpage and we do not support the creation of yet another newsletter, but we do update the site every 4 days and would invite you to check back.

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